When you brakes starts to squeal or the brake pedal judders or the warning light comes on, you know the brakes are due for servicing.
Brakes have come a long way since the birth of the car, but the primary function remains very much the same.


A routine brake would be just brake pads and disc rotor replacement.
Speed Haus goes takes one step further.

For every brake pad replacement, the sliding pins on the calipers are cleaned and lubricated ensuring a jam-free caliper each time the brakes are applied.
We’ll reset the brake service counter when necessary.

A brake disc replacement may look simple but there are details that requires attention. For instance, the wheel hub need to be checked for out of round and have the rust removed to ensure a proper fit. These are the tiny details we look into as we perform this simple task.

The brake fluid is often neglected, leading to seized caliper pistons and corrosion in the brake system. Not to mention that the brake fades, you get a spongy pedal feel and there’s the increase in stopping distance.

Speed Haus checks your car’s brake fluid with a tester to determine the level of moisture in it. This will help us determine if the fluid is due for replacement.