To most car owners, a oil change is just a oil change right?
Well, not so at Speed Haus , we go much further.

The internal of the valve cover is inspected for sludge/vanish and gum built up. We will then recommend a suitable product to flush them out before changing the engine oil with our suitable grade oil recommended by the manufacturer.

At Speed Haus, we utilized a specialize inspection boroscope, which enable us to run the scope into the combustion chamber to check for signs of harmful carbon build up on the intake valves and condition of the piston crown. Combustion chamber cleaners can be introduced into the system to clean up the grim.

The choice of an oil filter is equally important as this is a vital element to keep the dirt at bay.
We use only quality filters.

The drain bolt is always supplied with a new crush washer, Torqued to spec. This will prevent a damaged oil sump tread and keeps the drain bolt in place.

At Speed Haus, we carry oil brands that is approved by major manufacturers. Only by doing so can we guarantee up most protection and performance for your car’s engine.

And now, we have just made oil servicing better and more affordable to you. We have great oil servicing packages now from Motul and Liqui Moly to cater to your needs with our wide range of products and more competitive pricing…. Contact us for more info and a slot!