For turbo charged makes of Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen Audi Group and others.

RaceChip® Ultimate – The cream of the crop in piggyback box tuning

Speed Haus proudly unveils the cream of the crop in box tuning! RACECHIP TB Ultimate – the piggyback box tuning that boosts power performance of your turbo cars by up to 31%! Increase boost by 29% and torque by up to 26%! The tune even saves you fuel by up to 1L/100km!

The RC TB Ultimate has 15 configured maps to cater for all the hardware stages that your car has. Installation takes not more than 20mins and stock map can be restored in less than 1min.

And here comes an even better news…. RC TB Ultimate is available for all the turbo cars in E & F SERIES!!!

Speed Haus will also offer this product now together with our stage one upgrade of a superbly durable aftermarket chargepipe (stock chargepipe renowned for cracking under increased boost)! With the chargepipe, you will see the potent performance with our RC Tuneboxes.

We have dynoed a N55 335i with aftermarket downpipes. In comparison with another piggyback box installed, the RC Ultimate box stands out by a big gain in power and torque figures, easily by another 30hp and 40Nm (compared with other piggybacks)! As compared to stock tune, the fiqures are 45hp and 60Nm (taking into account that the downpipe has already added performance to the car).


RaceChip® Ultimate with FCI Plug