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N54 135i/335i Charge Pipe with Tial BOV

The factory plastic charge pipe and diverter valves are prone to leaking under stock boost levels, increasing boost only makes this problem worse. The stock diverter valves are not designed internally to handle added boost pressure. They can fail under load which will actually cause boost bleed off when you don’t want it causing boost spikes and loss of horsepower. The STETT Performance N54 135i/335i charge pipe is made from 100% 304 stainless steel and designed to handle higher than stock boost levels without leaking thanks to its very strong design, ultra high quality materials and throttle body connector that forms an ultra tight seal that prevents the charge pipe from blowing off as is common with other products on the market.

BMW N52 N54 N55 Oil Cooler

Say hello to the STETT Performance BMW N52 N54 N55 oil cooler. Say goodbye to 260+ degree oil temps with your factory oil cooler. Unlike other aftermarket oil coolers out there that piggy back of the factory oil cooler, STETT Performance’s oil cooler is a complete standalone system- meaning for those without a factory oil cooler, there is no need to purchase a factory oil cooler before installing this which saves you $. For those with factory oil coolers, this system completely replaces all of the weak factory components. Net result: a 20%, 30% or more reduction in oil temperatures. Simply put, this is a ultra high performing product.

135i 335i Front Mount Intercooler – N54 N55

The STETT Performance Front Mount Intercooler was the first and still one of the best FMIC on the market today for the N54 and N55 135i/335i. The stock intercooler is barely efficient at stock boost levels under moderate driving conditions. Start cranking up the boost and you’ll quickly realize how fast heat soak will, well, soak in. Not to be confused with the OEM style designs many manufacturers have, this FMIC is a true front mount intercooler (directly behind the bumper – in front of radiator). Capable of supporting over 620hp at only 80% of its capacity, this cooler is one of the best of its kind.